Leather Centers

in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan

Pilot training

sessions and staff mobility


awareness events and conference


To develop a capacity building programme in order to allow partners from Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan to learn from the European experience To set up and install equipment for the centres for the reinforcement of the knowledge capacities of the leather sectors in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan based on the EU experience To guarantee the sustainability of the project through the creation of a collaboration platform To guarantee the creation of collaboration and bus



REILEAP project aims to fill the gap in the area of specialized services for the leather sector with the establishment of the Leather c entres in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan utilizing the experience and expertise of EU partners in the area of services for the leather and leather products sector which includes all materials and products from untreated skins to the final product like footwear accessories and clothing


Through the creation of these centres and their operation the leather sector in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan will be offered access to business services such as quality testing product certification specialised training fashion trends modern design production organization and funding opportunities The professionals and students of the subject will improve their qualifications and skills which will in turn upgrade the capabilities of the leather and leather manufacturing companies


The project also aims to create and maintain cooperation links between Universities and businesses of the leather sector that will foster innovation and the manufacturing of high value quality products as well as further cooperation between EU, Uzbek and Kazak Universities and training institutions and sectoral stakeholders