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    Dec, 2020

    How to speake like a nativespeaker?

    10:30 pm 21 Nov 2020 AH Oditoriam

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    Waking up one morning after a restless sleep, Gregor Samsa found that he had turned into a terrible insect in his bed. Lying on a hard-shell back, he saw, as soon as he raised his head, his brown, convex belly, divided by arched scales, on the top of which the blanket, ready to finally slide off, could barely hold. His numerous legs, wretchedly thin in comparison with the rest of his body, crawled helplessly before his eyes. "What happened to me?" He thought. It was not a dream. His room, a real, perhaps too small, but ordinary room, rested peacefully within its four familiar walls.

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    My soul is illuminated with unearthly joy, like these wonderful spring mornings, which I enjoy with all my heart. I am all alone and blissful in this land, as if created for people like me. I am so happy, my friend, so intoxicated by the feeling of peace, that my art suffers from it. I could not have done a single stroke, and I have never been such a great artist as in these minutes.

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    Far, far beyond the mountains of words, in the land of vowels and consonants, fish texts live. Far away from everyone, they live in letter houses on the shore of the Semantics of the great linguistic ocean. A small brook Dahl gurgles throughout the country and provides it with all the necessary rules. This is a paradigmatic country in which the fried members of the sentence fly right into the mouth. Even omnipotent punctuation has no power over fishy texts that lead a non-pictorial lifestyle. One day, one small line of a fishy text named Lorem ipsum decided to enter the big world of grammar.